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GET2WORK is mainly active in the field of healthcare providing Continuous Professional Development innovative services to business executives and healthcare professionals, omni-channel communication and digital interaction customised services as well as pharmaceutical sales data and prescription studies.  We aim in the development of modern skills and human potential, the empowerment of patient / customer centric practices and the effective adoption and utilization of new digital technologies.

The company was established in 2013 by executives with many years of experience and specialization in the provision of information solutions and business services in the field of life sciences. Since then, GET2WORK has a continuous up rate in financial indicators, range of offered services and partnerships, as well as in geographical coverage. Many of our digital transformation activities are supported by industry, medical and patient associations and we are in close collaboration with University Medical and Business Schools.

Over the last two years, the company has further invested in the development and commercialization of innovative solutions in the field of pharmaceutical care – medicine’s labelling for proper use of medicines – Piktocare, as well as online stakeholders engagement applied to chronic diseases, such as diabetes –all4diabetes.

Capitalizing our holistic approach in the wider area of healthcare, our accumulated multi-years’ experience in providing solutions and our pioneering and broadly recognized role in the development of professionals and companies towards innovation, we have the privilege to work with over 70 multinational and Greek life sciences companies, prestigious scientific societies and patient communities acting as a catalytic hub to their goals, potential and added value.

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