Is it about How, What or We?

Is it about How, What or We?

Through the digital technology that is being integrated into the lives of more and more people in the last decade and with digital health rapidly evolving worldwide, our daily lives are changing (even more today), our needs are diversifying , our profile and our role as a patient or caregiver is changing. Community is equipped, enabled, empowered and more engaged in its health and healthcare decisions. This evolution has created the essential need of people, especially of healthcare professionals, to adapt to the new reality.

For both healthcare professionals and companies in the field, such as pharmaceuticals, the digital challenge is very important, especially if we consider the penetration of digital channels in the daily lives of more and more people. As a digital challenge we do not just mean to promote our products or services, to expand our customer base or to share important knowledge with our colleagues, but also to provide reliable, useful and up to date information to the community and better services and care to our patients.

The rate of digital utilization in the field of life sciences and healthcare in Greece prior to 2017 has been disproportionate to their power and penetration in society, and significantly lower than that of other sectors. Certainly, this was due to peculiarities of industry, such as regulatory compliance but also due the lack of understanding, acceptance and expertise by healthcare professionals as well as significant number of executives in the field.

#Digital4Pharma in action

Having early identifying this upcoming market challenge, GET2WORK in 2014 founded #Digital4Pharma learning activities. Working together with academic subject experts and market innovators #Digital4Pharma initially attracted early adopters setting the scene of digital in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. Since 2017, #Digital4Pharma managed to grow a learning community of almost a thousand of executives being established as pioneer and uniquely recognizable.

During the last 6 years, #Digital4Pharma through its learning activities, grows in the market a digital mindset and empowers its community members in:

  • Assessing their digital maturity and readiness
  • Defining their digital vision
  • Developing digital skills and competences
  • Gaining confidence in digital adoption
  • Succeeding with digital in action

#Digital4Pharma learning community is mainly constituted by executives in the functions of Brand, Product, Commercial, Sales, Marketing, Communication, Customer Engagement, Digital, Multichannel Medical, Compliance, IT, HR or Purchasing.

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