Digital4Pharma 2023: In the center of the digitally evolving landscape of the pharmaceutical market in Greece

On Tuesday, July 11th 2023 the one-day learning activity Digital4Pharma which contributes to the promotion of successful practices, the development of digital skills, and the creation of an innovation culture for hundreds of pharmaceutical market professionals, was held. This year, it focused on latest digital enabled trends and developments: AI, Metaverse, brand activation, Social Media, Omnichannel campaigns that shape the Greek pharmaceutical market.  

Over 270 executives participated, with 96% recommending it to their colleagues, while 97% expressed great satisfaction for the organization of this year’s conference.

The event began with five different interactive working groups, each participant choosing their preferred one. The highlights of these groups were later presented to the plenary session.

During the case studies session, digital strategies that have been successfully implemented were presented and discussed, demonstrating that innovative approaches can lead to tangible results in the industry..

At the last part of the event, a panel of experts sharing their perspectives, stimulated collective thinking regarding the applications of General Artificial Intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry.