Digital4Pharma 2020 “Hybrid Engagement”: The market is tuned to the new reality

The 1st Digital4Pharma 2020 Webinar focusing on hybrid engagement was held on Friday, July 10th 2020, by GET2WORK, a pioneering business development firm specialized in healthcare stakeholder engagement, with topics related to remote engagement, web events, virtualization of product launches and management of changes in the hybrid work model, under the auspices of the Hellenic Society of Pharmaceutical Management.
The urgent need for continuous learning due to recent developments and immediate adaptation of the business strategy from hundreds of executives in the wider field of health, who have been part of the #Digital4Pharma community for the past six years, pushed us to reshape the way we deliver our learning activities, to a new hybrid engagement model of communication and education.
The learning activity #Digital4Pharma is addressed to executives in the field of life sciences and healthcare, mainly Brand, Product, Commercial, Sales, Marketing, Communication, Customer Engagement, Digital, Multichannel Medical, Compliance, IT, HR, Purchasing roles. The event was crowned once again with great success, the level of satisfaction was very high, as well as the number of registrations (360 executives from 24 companies). In addition, the participants continue being quite active. A half hour extension was given to answer all the questions, with 75% of the participants being online for almost 2 hours! During the webinar we conducted a research (electronic poll) regarding the changes brought the sudden increase in the use of digital media in HCPs detailing and scientific conferences. The increase in the use of digital media may have been sharp, but as a condition it helped us to draw important conclusions and identify specific new needs. Some of the key findings from the online poll are as follows:

  • The new situation forced 96% of the executives to change their priorities in digital communication with healthcare professionals, with half of them having as their main goal on ways to become more attractive to their audience.
  • The biggest challenges for executives are the need for different ways to manage digital activity, the creation of differentiated digital content and the uncertainty about the final result, followed by the challenge of evaluating each action and the lack of specific skills by the teams.
  • The increasing importance of digital media creates additional expectations, and this is reflected in the level of digital adoption, in relation to the level of customer satisfaction.

At the beginning of the web event, Konstantinos Varsamos, Managing Partner of GET2WORK and Curator of the #Digital4Pharma learning activities said “Last year at such a time, we were discussing face to face, how the future – as well as the present – in communication and education of healthcare stakeholders it is not what it was, without imagining what would follow. Today, digital as a mean concerns at least 2 out of 3 Health Professionals, showing an increase of 100% compared to a year ago. So, as GET2WORK we decided to reshape the way our innovative and broadly recognized #Digital4Pharma learning activities are conducted, in order to have a more frequent and broader discussion of what the market experiences, finds out and expects. Our goal is the adaptation to a new hybrid reality.”