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Executives Professional Training

Enhancing growth mindset and continuous learning within organizations is now some of the most important needs to strengthen their business strategy.

Providing contextual, experiential and transformative training and utilizing innovative digital interactive tools, we deliver customized, attractive and value-added training programs for executives in the field of life science and healthcare.

Business areas in which we are pioneers, experts and of proven customer satisfaction, are:

  • Digital embracement (Omni-channel on boarding)
  • Digital skills development (Marketing, Sales, Medical)
  • Effective remote engagement
  • Digital transformation (C-level)
  • Integrated marketing (strategic)
  • Effective communication skills
  • Sales competences
  • Presentation skills
  • Emotional engagement
  • Change management

Continuous Professional Development for HCPs

The value of HCPs’ continuous professional development is recognized and accepted by all stakeholders (scientific community, authorities, companies, patients) and is implemented to a large extent and intensity through (e)conferences, (web) scientific events, (remote) detailing, publications, webinars, e-learning, portals, etc.

The topics in addition to purely medicine and pharmaceutical extend to subjects such as HCPs empowerment and soft skills development related to the therapeutic HCP – patient relationship, as well as scientific familiarity with modern practices, tools and legislation. Indicated:

  • Effective HCP – patient communication (face to face & remote) .
  • Building trust in the therapeutic relationship.
  • Improving patient adherence to treatment.
  • The role of emotional intelligence in the daily practice of HCPs.
  • Enhancing the resilience of HCPs.
  • Framework and patient-centered interdisciplinary collaboration skills (Therapeutic Alliance).
  • Interaction and communication on health topics through internet.
  • Health related law, regulations and Code of Contact.
  • Medical writing for HCPs.
  • Customer loyalty (for practices, pharmacies, veterinary clinics).

Continuous Professional Development for HCPs

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