Digital4Pharma 2023: Activation 4.0 (11-07-2023, OTEAcademy)

Immerse yourself in the digitally evolving pharmaceutical world at Digital4Pharma 2023: Activation 4.0, a must-attend one-day learning activity organized by GET2WORK, that takes place on the 11th of July at OTEAcademy facilities in Marousi.

As an executive in a Marketing, Medical, Sales, Communication, Patient Advocacy, Customer Engagement, Digital Innovation, IT, Compliance, IT, or HR role, you’ll be joining like-minded professionals who, like you, value experiential and connected learning styles. It’s an actual opportunity to be part of a community focused to latest digital enabled trends and developments that shape the Greek pharmaceutical market.

In the working group of your choice and the follow up interactive plenary session, you’ll engage with topics such as communication in metaverse, brand experiences, artificial intelligence in marketing and customer engagement campaigns. You’ll gain new perspectives, insights, and tools that you can directly apply to your business.

Case study session offers an in-depth look at successful digital strategies in action, witnessing how innovative approaches can lead to tangible results in your sector.

Another highlight of the event is the panel discussion featuring experts in their field, offering thought-provoking insights on the impact of the implementation of Artificial Intelligence within the pharmaceutical industry.

Digital4Pharma 2023: Activation 4.0 promises to be an essential learning activity for anyone looking to understand and navigate the fast-paced digital landscape of the pharmaceutical market. Don’t miss out on this chance to connect, learn and be active.

For more information and/or your registration, please call (211 10 69 373), email us digital4pharma@get2work.eu or tap here.

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