Get-exam ready challenge: in collaboration with the Department of Marketing and Communication of the Athens University of Economics and Business

The Marketing department of the Athens University of Economics and Business provided its freshman students with an innovative and unique experience. Utilizing the social mobile platform “Atrivity*”, freshmen were given the opportunity to self-evaluate and increase their knowledge, shortly before their semester exams.

The head of the department, Professor Sergios Dimitriadis, stated “We received very positive comments! Participation was remarkable and we documented an increase in correct responses, for all 4 lessons being tested, of over 20% in just 5 days. We managed to bring our students closer during a difficult time. Another, even more interesting, fact is that the students requested we integrate even more lessons and extend this particular long-distance learning method!”

“It was very interesting, entertaining and at the same time productive!” is on of the various positive comments that we received form the students.

(*) GET2WORK is the sales representative of the digital platform “Atrivity” in Greece and Cyprus, as well as an international commercial agent for applications in the healthcare sector.