3rd Digital4Pharma Training Day (2016): Discussing with executives in the field of Health & Life Science about new trends and next practices of digital marketing and multichannel communication

The 3rd Digital4Pharma Training Day was completed with great success, continuing the tradition of the two previous events. More than 100 executives of healthcare companies followed new trends, next practices and best tools of digital marketing and multichannel communication, focusing on most effective implementations in a demanding and rapidly changing business environment. The event was organized by GET2WORK, with the kind support of the Association of Pharmaceutical Companies of Greece, the Panhellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Industry  and the Hellenic Society of Pharmaceutical Marketing.
The first part of the event highlighted current issues around the implementation of effective digital strategies: the form and means of promoting content, online search for information on health issues and the legal dimensions of digital marketing implementation were just some of the issues that gained the interest of the participants.
The first speaker was Sergios Dimitriadis, Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing and Communication of the Athens University of Economics and Business. His presentation entitled Content_Marketing4Pharma: How and why it concerns us, dealt with the role of digital and non-digital, communication content in the promotion of a medicinal product, how and why this role starts from the choice of strategy and how it occupies the whole range of marketing actions. Then, Ms. Aikaterini Fraidaki, eCommerce Coordinator at the E-Commerce Laboratory – ELTRUN of the Athens University of Economics, in her speech Let’s Measure Now… Internet Use and Health, proceeded to the first presentation of the results of a new research on the above laboratory, on seeking health information on the internet both by the general public and doctors.
The speech of Mr. Stefanos Economides, Chartered Marketer and Digital Marketing Lecturer, at the Hellenic Society of Business Administration, who presented SEO (Search Engine Optimization), one of the most important tools of digital marketing was particular interested. In his talk, The Best Hidden Secret: The 2nd Page of Google -What it takes to meet content and media to rank high in searches !, Mr. Economides described ways to integrate SEO into the digital marketing toolkit of pharmaceutical companies, with the aim of more effectively understanding the needs and requirements of the target audience of their products.
Ms. Elena Spyropoulou, Lawyer – Ombudsman, examined the legal issues arising from the use of the internet, especially in relation to online marketing. Her talk, Legal Aspects of Digital Communication in Health, focused on issues of intellectual property, personal data protection, but also the proper and legal use of social media.

This was followed by the presentation of successful implementations from the Greek market. “Are you talking to me?” Customer experience and engagement: A differentiated segmented approach (Omni Marketing), by Mr. Xenophontas Tsigris, Digital Communication Manager at Janssen-Cilag. Building Email marketing strategies to engage HCPs, by Ms. Nadia Mandopoulou, Multichannel Marketing Associate Director, Customer Solutions Dept. at MSD., on the use of email marketing by health professionals and consumers of pharmaceutical products. E-consulting with Medical Experts, by Mr. George Loukakis, Multichannel Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim. Mr. Loukakis presented the new digital platform “Expertsconnect,” which allows the interactive exchange of clinical experience between doctors.                                   Digital Health engagement and beyond, by Mr. Antonis Theodoridis, Multichannel Marketing Manager MCO Balkans, at TAKEDA HELLAS, who presented the innovative digital tools that offer pharmaceutical companies’ new channels of communication with health professionals and consumers.The first half of the event ended with the speech of Digital Marketing emerging themes, by Maria Alexandri, Digital Marketing Specialist at Pharmaserve-Lilly, on the topic of technological developments and their integration into the strategies of pharmaceutical companies, which is expected to lead to radical transformation of the field of health and medicine.
The second half of the training day was dedicated to the selective monitoring of two of the four parallel interactive workshops, where the participants had the opportunity to get familiar with new tools and best practice cases in the field of digital communication.
More specifically, during the workshop entitled Escape the multichannel communication barrier, co-piloting the journey, by Ms. Elena Sidiroglou, Senior Digital Consultant at AQurance, participants were asked to “solve the puzzle” of achieving a “successful” multichannel campaign. At the Virtual Reality & Motion Capturing tutorial for e-learning, gamification, detailing, patient centricity and team-building, Nikos Kontis, General Manager LEAP and his team, introduced the participants to 5 different digital interactive activities, which are expected to change the way we use digital technology in our daily and working lives. In the tutorial How do I create a video portal to inform doctors? Mr. Eleftherios Michailidis, Founder of M-Data presented the reasons that make a Video Portal the most effective media, the issues that arise during such an implementation and how they can be solved, as well as related Case Studies from Greece and Europe. This section also included the workshop We are designing a step-by-step digital campaign, by Mr. Ioannis Ofakoglou, Brand Strategy & Marketing Director and Panagiotis Garoufalidis, Content Manager at RISTART.